Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Landscape Photography Workshops


Photo 101

Introduction to photography including basic camera settings, gear, composition, techniques, and more.

Hands On Approach

We love teaching with a camera in hand. It’s the best and most relevant way to learn photography.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced photographic techniques including long exposure, landscape, HDR, filters, & more.

On Location Instruction

Workshops held in relevant locations that lend themselves well to the topic and techniques at hand


Workflow and post-processing techniques including RAW processing, compositing, photoshop and more.

Build Your Portfolio

Our workshops are a phenomenal way to grow and strengthen your portfolio while learning.



1 on 1 Workshops

Andrew offers 1 on 1 workshops throughout the year and would love the opportunity to work with you! Our 1 on 1 workshops can be customized to a particular type of photography or post-production that interests you most or a combination of both. A typical 1 on 1 workshop lasts about 3.5 hours and covers some photography & post-production techniques. 

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Upcoming Workshop Topics

Andrew is currently building the workshop schedule for the rest of 2015 and 2016. As we continue to build and plan for the upcoming workshops, we’ve pinpointed several workshop topics that will be scheduled in the near future. Read the descriptions and subscribe to the email updates to get more info and schedule information as these workshops become available. 


Introduction to Photography

A beginner’s guide to photography settings & techniques for better photos.

Intro to Long Exposure Photography

An introduction to the gear, techniques and reasoning behind long exposure photography

Post Processing for Landscape Photography

A front to back look at workflow & processing techniques for landscape photographers.