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Why I’m Going to Colorado

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Dan Ballard Photography - Magic Valley

One of Dan’s Images called, ‘Magic Valley’

I LOVE Colorado. It’s gorgeous and offers so many opportunities for a landscape photographer. But this time around, I am going for a very specific reason. I am a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa and have been to all sorts of workshops and classes over the past few years regarding photography. One of the things that I have noticed though is that while certain techniques may loosely apply to landscape photography, I haven’t ever had any targeted formal training on the subject. The techniques I have used so far have all been things I have kind-of learned on my own, read somewhere or made up. And, I think it’s worked relatively well so far, but I am one of those weird people who will almost never be content with good enough. I want my photography and especially my landscape work to be excellent. I think a key to constantly improving your work is seeking training and objective critique on a relatively normal basis.

All that being said, I have scheduled a 1 on 1 workshop with Dan Ballard who is a professional landscape photographer and a Colorado native. Dan has caught the eye of/been sponsored by companies like Nik Software, Zenfolio, Think Tank, Black Rapid, Really Right Stuff, Lee Filters and Sandisk. His photography has been featured world wide in magazines and calendars along with winning or qualifying as a finalist in various prestigious photography competitions. Plus, I just plain enjoy his style of photography. So, I will be traveling with Dan for 4 days in Colorado and we’ll be talking about shooting, post processing, advertising etc. He’ll be critiquing my current photography and will be teaching and critiquing as I make some new images out in Colorado. I am incredibly excited! (Plus, rumor is we’ll be snowshoeing. Umm… Yes!) Just in my few conversations with Dan, he seems like a great and incredibly knowledgable guy. Cannot wait to get out there and work with him.

You can be guaranteed that I will be shooting as much as possible out there and if I have a moment or two, I will try to post photos as I go. At the least, I’ll be posting through instagram with my iPhone. You can view that feed here.

More soon.