Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Variance - Florida Long Exposure Photography

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Variance - Florida Long Exposure Photography by Andrew Vernon I love this photo. There is something about the starkness and serenity that I just love. Variance is a 2 and a half minute long exposure that was taken of a small dock on the inter coastal near Dunedin, Florida. It was a rainy, windy day and I spent most of those 2 minutes keeping the camera and lens dry with an umbrella. It wasn't the heavy rain that soaks everything, but mainly the little tiny drops that seem to sense where the front of the lens is and use the wind to hit their mark every time. I love weather like that.

Recently, I have been slowly starting to do more and more landscape photography again which has been awesome. Not that I ever stopped, but there are times during the year that my portrait studio is so busy that getting out to make some new landscape photos is near impossible. This past weekend allowed some really decent time for photography though and I knew the second I saw this scene that there was going to be a killer shot involved! In fact, I may have even been up pretty late putting the finishing touches on this photo. I just couldn't wait to see the finished result. I had an idea in my head and with every adjustment, it was becoming that but I needed to see the finished piece!

To give some technical details about Variance, like with most of my Florida landscape photography, I used neutral density filters (16 stops worth of 2 B+W filters) on a Nikon 24-120 F4 with my D800. I took this photo at F8 and iso 400. If you're familiar with neutral density filters, you'll understand how quickly those long exposure times get longer and longer as you meter the scene. I had to keep the ISO a little higher than normal, and my aperture a little more open than normal to get into the longest time I felt comfortable with without risking that the weather or lighting could have too much time to change during the exposure. I learned some new tricks while shooting and then processing this image together that really helped pull it together in the way that it did. I'll have to write a post sharing those at some point.

Here's a video of what it was like out there during the shot!