Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Tropical Storm Debby - Clearwater Beach Long Exposure

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Tropical Storm Debby : Florida Storm Photography

This was one of the better storms I have been out in! I took this photo back in 2012 during Tropical Storm Debby. Debby was a storm that went by off the cost of Florida and caused lots of flooding. Hearing about the flooding and knowing that many of my favorite long exposure photographs have come from storms, I thought it would be great to head out to the beach for a little bit. This photo is a clearwater beach long exposure taken of a lifeguard shack as the storm surge rush passed causing it to sink sidewise into the sand.

The better the storm, the less people are out on the beach and this storm had scared off almost everyone. There was something so cool about being one of the only people out in the weather, seeing the strength of the waves and the way they easily rushed high onto Clearwater Beach. This was easily my favorite shot of the day. It carries such a unique perspective with a lifeguard shack surrounded by angry waves.

Just as a side note, these lifeguard shacks seemed to be close to brand new when the storm came through and had to be replaced pretty quickly after as a result of the damage. Also, because of the waves which had surrounded many of the lifeguard shacks, some of them had their legs buried almost 2 feet into the sand. Pretty impressive!

This is a 4 second long exposure taken at F8 on Clearwater Beach in Florida.