Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Tempest - Florida storm photography

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Tempest - Florida landscape photography by Andrew Vernon Tempest - Florida storm photography: This was taken on a windy, stormy night on Sand Key Beach in Clearwater, FL. I had just gotten off of work for the day and the radar showed a storm was moving towards the coast from off shore. There's something beautiful about a storm. The clouds take on a life of their own and the water becomes so contrasting. These are the nights that most people (at least here in Florida, tend to avoid the beach) On these occasions, the water goes dark, and everything takes on a glistening grey-blue tone. The wind tends to carry a drop in temperature that is easily noticeable and strong enough to carry the smell of salt in the air. Sometimes, the wind is even strong enough to carry a splash from the stormy waves at the edge of the coast. Some of my favorite florida storm photography has come from these conditions! I just love those nights!

There's a simplicity to this image that I love. It's just wind, waves and beach. There's a balance of some sort of calm mixed with the brooding sky. Probably one of my favorite images of the year thus far!

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