Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Repose – Florida Long Exposure Photography

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Repose - Florida long exposure photography by Andrew Vernon Repose – Bradenton Beach, FL

I took this a few days back and have forced myself to edit it slowly. There are times my excitement to show a new image gets the best of me and I’ll rush to post it and find myself viewing it a week later filled with ideas for how I could have made it better. That isn’t to say I won’t be doing that with this image… I tend to be someone who is constantly trying to improve upon work both future and past, but I wanted to take my time.

It was so quiet at this spot. Come to think of it, I made a really concerted effort to take my time in capturing this photo as well. There are benefits in taking my time. I think I enjoy the process more… and my images become more intentional. Maybe I truly am the only one who benefits from the intentionality I am trying to create with my work, but I enjoy it. And it’s worth it.

I love the opposites in this image. Everything is liquid and flowing (including the sky) except for the dock which is solid. I decided to produce this in a way that mirrors those opposites with a dark image overall contrasted against the dock.

One of my favorite things about florida long exposure photography is it’s ability to capture what the human eye cannot… Time.