Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Outlook - Tampa Landscape Photography

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I took this photo in January of this year on the same evening I created my photo 'Abandon' - Tampa landscape photography taken near Dunedin. I was squeezing in one last landscape shoot before heading home to begin packing for a photography convention in Las Vegas the next day. Yes, sometimes I wait till the last second to pack. Especially when there are good skies out.

I find that I've photographed this area a lot. It just grabs my attention! This occasion, the skies were dark and moved quickly by the cold front pushing through our area. This pier is part of a boat ramp that while usually quite, was busy with the hustle of fisherman trying to get in before the storm started.  Depending on the length of my long exposure, it sometimes doesn't matter if they get in my shot or not, which is always confusing to the person hastily apologizing for walking in front of my camera. Sometimes, the boats and their wake can create interesting lines across the bay in the background. This night though, I waited for the busyness to settle down. I really wanted to create an image that juxtaposed an imposing sky with the serene waters that I've seen come from a long exposure at this location.

This location, is a public boat ramp about halfway between Clearwater and Tampa on a causeway that separates north Tampa Bay from the south end of Safety Harbor. There's just enough room for the waves to get moving if the wind is headed in the right direction and headed in the opposite direction, the causeway protects the area and provides tranquil water even in the face of an impending storm. That was the case on this night! What's funny about this spot is that the majority of photographers doing Tampa landscape photography would probably pass it by. It's not incredibly special by itself were it not for the interest that a long exposure can create in the sky and water. I may have missed it to but decided to stop to photograph a storm there as it was the only place I had time to stop without ending up late for school.

There wasn't any rain, but the wind was strong and there was sand in the air as a result of it. Always an important thing to remember before deciding to face the wind for any reason. This florida long exposure photo is an 80 second exposure shot at F16 and ISO 50. Even though were was a storm coming, the light was strong and I was having to push my aperture and iso past where I would prefer in order to get an exposure time I was happy with.

Within 5 minutes of taking this florida long exposure, the rain had set in and the scene had changed tremendously.

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