Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Lakeside - Florida Long Exposure Photography

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Lakeside - Florida Long Exposure Photography It has been a busy couple of weeks for me! My wife and I moved into a new apartment and have finally settled in! The current year of high school seniors at the studio has been quite busy for me with more outdoor shoots than any other year, more seniors photographed in general and lots of products to design including graduation announcements, wall portraits etc. Busy is good! But, it means getting the chance to get outside and create some new landscape photography starts to get a little rare. This photo was a good chance for me to take a quick break from some of the business and shoot something new!

Most of my florida long exposure photography centers on the beach, intercoastals etc so there's something I like about this photo because of it being a local lake (Lake Seminole in Largo, Florida). At least in the past, I have been pretty bored with the lakes that I have photographed so much of that work hasn't made it onto my website. There's just something more interesting about this image though. I love the lines, the serene colors and the movement in the clouds. I also tend to like some of my photos because of the context they were taken in. The context of this photo is just a nice evening walk with my wife! :-)

Anyways, with how windy it was, I wanted a long exposure and the direction of the wind meant that it would be perfect for a dock shot like this! This is a 25 second long exposure taken using a B+W 10-stop ND filter!