Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Haven - Bar Harbor, Maine

PhotographyAndrew VernonComment

Maine is easily one of my favorite places ever! Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to head out there with my family for just over a week to spend some time around Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park. 

Our trip was the perfect balance windy, stormy days and beautiful sunny weather! There aren't many things as powerful as standing on the cliffs of Acadia National park as a multi-day storm crashes waves hard against the rocks. But, as dramatic as those stormy days were, the following days were equally serene. 

This photo was taken just after the storms broke over Bar Harbor. These dinghies were so still it was amazing. And, the simplicity of how the Harbor reflected the still overcast sky was breathtaking. But my favorite detail of this photo just may be the water in the boat from the storm that had just passed through. There's something communicated about weathering a situation and coming out on the other side that I love. 

I have several new photos from Maine that I am excited about sharing in the coming months but if you're feeling impatient, Instagram is an easy way of checking out some of the places we visited.