Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

Guardian - Florida Long Exposure Photography

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Guardian - Florida landscape photography by Andrew Vernon Guardian - Florida Long Exposure Photography: I often keep gear in my car or with me at the studio because you never know when the sky is going to be perfect for some new landscape work. This night, I wasn't planning on heading out to the beach, but the sky was setting up to be amazing as i was leaving work. It was a total rush to the beach but I got there with about 20 minutes to spare before the sunset and took this image. Awesome night to be outside for some Florida long exposure photography!

In thinking through what I wanted as I was walking out to this lifeguard shack, I knew there were several things I was most interested in. Color was the biggest thing, but I also wanted to find a dynamic composition using the shape and color of the lifeguard shack. I really don't like filling the frame with things like the shack and decided it would need to be a rule of thirds type thing. Composition wise, I needed something to strengthen the image. The lifeguard shack by itself even with a colorful sky wouldn't necessarily be enough of what I was looking for. Luckily, the wind was really carrying the clouds across the sky and based on their direction, I knew I could drag my shutter to create motion. If I could find the right place to stand, I could almost use the clouds and sky as leading lines into the lifeguard shack. THAT was my image.

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