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Gateway - Florida Landscape Photography

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Gateway - Florida Long Exposure Photography by Andrew Vernon

Gateway - Florida Long Exposure Photography by Andrew Vernon I'm a Nikon guy through and through. But, my dad recently purchased a Fuji XT1 and with some slight coercing, I was able to take it out for a spin. What an absolutely cool camera! It's incredibly small, light and has a couple of really cool features to it. I'm planning on putting together some sort of first impressions blog post, but for now I'll say that I am very impressed. It was just a fun experience shooting with that camera. Enough said for now.

I first photographed this scene while in photography school. The shot is actually still in my portfolio and is one of my favorite black & white images titled Old & New. I love these bridges because of how well they contrast each other in their design & style. There's strength in how these bridges photograph & I wanted to go back to this scene with the Fuji for a couple of reasons: I like my previous shot from there and wanted to be able to compare the usability and flow of a photoshoot in a similar place, scene etc.

This is a 20 second long exposure of the sunset at F5.6. It took a little bit of patience waiting for the sun to hide enough to not highlight the right bridge too much but it happened. Photos like these can be so incredibly calming to take! Parking is a decent distance away and there's a sea wall to climb down in order to create a more dynamic perspective. By the time you're down the seawall, it starts to get really quiet. You can't hear much of the traffic anymore and there's not much to focus on but the photography! It's great. So, this is Gateway! The newest addition to my Florida landscape photography. It's the same scene, but I am thrilled with how this one came out in color. It has a completely different feel than Old & New but still carries some of the same contrasts.

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Here's a quick video of the night! Thanks for checking it out.