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City Pier Sunrise - Florida Long Exposure Photography

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City Pier Sunrise

I've wanted a photo like this for a while. The city pier on Anna Maria island faces the perfect direction for a sunrise so it's been on my mind as the perfect sunrise location for a while. Sometime last year, I drove down the night before, slept in my car and got up about an hour or so before the sunrise. Honestly, it was one of those sunrises where it seemed like there wasn't going to be any color or show of light worth photographing. But, then enough sun broke through to present some color and I started taking pictures.

Florida long exposure photography is one of my favorites and this photo is a two minute exposure of the sunrise. The long exposure actually proved to be pretty tricky with this photo because the pier tends to shake with the steps of people walking past. I usually don't mind people walking in the photo because my exposures are long enough that they disappear but finding a window long enough to get a two minute exposure without someone walking by and shaking the camera was difficult.

I actually found that once the color began to appear in the sky, I couldn't decide which angle I wanted the most. Luckily, I shoot in a way and have built my long exposure photography kit in a way that it's super easy to move from one spot to another. I probably photographed four different angles of this pier. But, this angle was the one I went to first and is my favorite of the morning for sure. You can click here if you'd like to read more about my florida long exposure photography gear.

Also, here's where you can go to purchase a print of City Pier Sunrise.