Florida Landscape Photography by Andrew Vernon

At Days End - Indian Rocks Beach Sunset

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At Days End Florida Landscape Photography

This was taken on one of the rainiest days we've had so far this year. And, it wasn't just a rainy day. This day had some quite severe storms moving through the area that even triggered a tornado warning on my iPhone at one point. So, I can completely understand when some of the families walking past me during sunset made comments about how surprised they were by the vibrant sunset in front of us. But, I really wasn't surprised... 

Over the years, my favorite sunset landscape photos from here in Florida have almost all come directly after a long day of storms or following a particularly severe storm that has just moved through the area. The combination of humidity, changing conditions and cloud cover just work to create a spectacular show of colors that feel especially awesome in light of what they're following. 

So on this day, I was excited to see a forecast of storms moving through the area and even more excited to see they were predicted to end only 20 to 30 minutes before sunset. Even 10 minutes before sunset, the sky wasn't showing much in the way of color or anything dynamic. But, the skies lit up! It was gone quickly, but beautiful for the minute or so that it lasted. 

Here's a quick VSCO cam shot I took while waiting

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